Mouth Guards and Sports Guards

A mouthguard is tailormade to you. It provides a protective cover which fits exactly over your teeth and gums to cushion and protect your teeth, gums and jaw from damage

Why would I need a sports guard?

It is advisable to wear a professionally made mouthguard if you play sports such as rugby, cricket, hockey and football. Impact to the face, either from a ball or another player, can cause shock waves to travel through your jaw leading to bone damage, or a direct hit can shatter or chip a tooth. In fact, dental injuries are a common occurrence in these kinds of sports. A mouthguard will not help prevent chipping or breaking teeth because of impact, it will act as a shock absorber to help protect against a painful broken or dislocated jaw.

Why would I need a Mouth Guard?

Night guards or splints are used to protect the teeth from grinding at night, known as bruxism, as the teeth can be worn down without wearing the night guard. A mouthguard will not cure your bruxism, but it may offer relief from the pressure and the sound while you explore the causes. The application of a mouthguard will even out the pressure across your jaw as well as provide a barrier between your bottom and top teeth. The soft material means that it reduces wear on your teeth and helps to diminish the grinding sound.

Your mouthguard will be made to fit the exact shape of your jaw, ensuring that it stays in place comfortably, provides maximum protection and lasts for as long as possible.

What colour will my Guard be?

Your Sports guard can be made to suit your personal style, with a choice of colours. You can even have it to match your sports teams’ colours

Your mouthguard can be made from see-through plastic, so that it is near invisible, or you can have it made in a colour of your choice. 

You can buy pre-formed mouthguards from some sports shops. These kinds of mouthguards are made to mould at home. It comes in a shape that will fit any jaw to firstly be boiled at home. While the guard is still hot, you place it over your teeth and shape it to your jaw. These are less accurate than a mouthguard provided by an orthodontist and can therefore be uncomfortable and awkwardly fitted. You may find them more brittle and liable to damage due to the heating and cooling process. To best protect your teeth, it is advisable to speak to your dentist about your options.


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