Practice MEMBERSHIP Plan

Many patients require an individual plan to help them meet the costs of their dental treatment.

We have responded to this requirement by setting up our own dental care plans to suit your personal needs. Our objective is to provide a high standard of service to you with the emphasis being placed on the prevention of dental problems.

A regular monthly payment is paid by direct debit, to cover your routine dental examinations and hygiene appointments throughout the year.

Give the practice a call to discuss our membership plan.

The 6 Big benefits of joining our plan:


Reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease with regular attendance

Exclusive discount of 20% on all treatments for our adult plan members only

Exclusive discount of 50% on all treatments for our children plan members only

Spreads the cost of your routine dental care through convenient monthly Direct Debits

Saves you money compared to private pay as you go fees

Includes your X-rays and emergency appointments (excluding treatment)


If you would like information about how we can help please contact us today using one of the below or alternatively fill out our online form and someone will get back to you asap.