ItemPrivate FeesGVP FeesSaving
New adult patient oral health check (including radiographs, oral cancer screening, oral health advice and treatment plan)£65.00£65.00N/A
Full cosmetic assessment (two-visit consultation, radiographs, photographs [intra-oral scanner used] full written report and mock-up) £130.00£104.00£26.00
Routine oral health assessment (dental examination)£55.00includedN/A
Emergency appointment including an x-ray, full diagnosis, and treatment plan£50.00includedN/A
New child patient oral health check
(including radiographs, oral health advice and treatment plan)
Routine Child Dental examination( age 0-6 years)£15.00includedN/A
Routine Child Dental examination( age 6-10 years)£25.00includedN/A
Routine Child Dental examination( age 10-13 years)£40.00includedN/A
Routine Child Dental examination including radiographs and scaling (age 13-17 years)£50.00includedN/A
Routine Child Oral Health assessment Fluoride application (age 0-12 years)£35.00includedN/A
Dental Hygiene appointments with Hygiene Therapist   
Personalised adult oral health assessment maintenance and review, including plaque and calculus removal plus Airflow® stain removal70.00includedN/A
Direct adult assessment (hygiene without dental examination) maintenance and review, including plaque and calculus removal plus Airflow® stain removal£80.00£64.00£16.00
Personalised child oral health assessment - maintenance and review, including plaque and calculus removal£50.00includedN/A
Direct assess Child – Hygiene without dental examination – maintenance and review including plaque and calculus removal and airflow with stain removal£60.00£48.00`£12.00
Implant maintenance and review, including plaque and calculus removal plus Airflow® stain removal£75.00£60.00£15.00
Child orthodontic maintenance and review including plaque and calculus removal£60.00£48.00£12.00
Radiographs (X-ray)   
Bitewings per pair£15.00includedN/A
Restorations (fillings)   
Single surface white tooth-coloured filling£155.00£124.00£31.00
Double surface white tooth-coloured filling£165.00£132.00£33.00
Triple surface white tooth-coloured filling£180.00£144.00£36.00
Single surface bonded silver amalgam£125.00£100.00£25.00
Double surface bonded silver amalgam£135.00£128.00£32.00
Single surface bonded silver amalgam£120.00£96.00£24.00
Double surface bonded silver amalgam£130.00£104.00£26.00
Triple surface bonded silver amalgam£160.00£128.00£32.00
Non-Precious Metal Crown£420.00£336.00£84.00
Full Gold Crown£600.00£480.00£120.00
Tooth Coloured Crown - standard £550.00£440.00£110.00
Tooth-coloured crown – superior e.max®£650.00£544.00£136.00
Tooth Coloured Zirconia Crown£680.00£544.00£136.00
Gold inlay/onlay£550.00£440.00£110.00
Tooth coloured composite inlay/onlay£470.00£376.00£94.00
Tooth coloured porcelain inlay/Onlay£565.00£452.00£113.00
Tooth Coloured in surgery composite Veneers£430.00£344.00£86.00
Tooth Coloured Porcelain veneers£520.00£416.00£104.00
Diagnostic wax up per tooth£45.00£36.00£9.00
Maryland 2-unit Bridge£600.00£480.00£120.00
Maryland 3-unit Bridge£680.00£544.00£136.00
Tooth Coloured Porcelain Bridge 2 unit£800.00£640.00£160.00
Tooth Coloured Porcelain Bridge 3 unit£900.00£720.00£180.00
Post systems   
Post and core in-house£130.00£104.00£26.00
Post and core lab made£180.00£144.00£36.00
Root Canal treatment   
Tooth extractions   
Routine incisor £80.00£64.00£16.00
Routine premolar£100.00£80.00£20.00
Routine molar£150.00£120.00£30.00
Complex incisor£120.00£96.00£24.00
Complex premolar£150.00£120.00£30.00
Complex premolar£200.00£160.00£40.00
Teeth Whitening   
Home tooth whitening - upper or lower£285.00£285.00N/A
Home tooth whitening - upper and lower£300.00£300.00N/A
In-home Enlighten!® whitening£520.00£520.00N/A
Teeth straightening   
Invisalign®, go from£3,250.00£3,250.00N/A
Invisalign®, from£3,600.00£3,600.00N/A
Partial dentures   
Acrylic standard - immediate£550.00£440.00£110.00
Acrylic standard 1-5 teeth£550.00£440.00£110.00
Acrylic standard 5-10 teeth£600.00£480.00£120.00
Acrylic standard 10+ teeth£650.00£520.00£130.00
Acrylic superior immediate£600.00£480.00£120.00
Acrylic superior 1-5 teeth£600.00£480.00£120.00
Acrylic superior 5-10 teeth£700.00£560.00£140.00
Acrylic superior 10+ teeth£750.00£600.00£150.00
Cobalt chrome denture 1-5 teeth£700.00£480.00£120.00
Cobalt chrome 5-10 teeth£800.00£640.00£160.00
Cobalt Chrome 10+ teeth£900.00£720.00£180.00
Full dentures   
Acrylic standard immediate£750.00£600.00£150.00
Acrylic standard upper or lower£750.00£600.00£150.00
Acrylic standard upper and lower£990.00£792.00£198.00
Acrylic superior immediate£800.00£640.00£160.00
Acrylic superior upper or lower£850.00£680.00£170.00
Acrylic superior upper and lower£1,100.00£880.00£220.00
Other denture items   
Standard metal clasp£60.00£48.00£12.00
Gold clasp£70.00£56.00£14.00
Chair-side reline£70.00£56.00£14.00
Laboratory reline£150.00£120.00£30.00
Standard tooth addition£75.00£60.00£15.00
Superior tooth addition£85.00£68.00£17.00
Standard acrylic repair£75.00£60.00£15.00
Superior acrylic repair£85.00£68.00£17.00
Night guards and sports mouthguards   
Single-coloured sports guard£100.00£80.00£20.00
Multi-coloured sports guard£120.00£96.00£24.00
Soft acrylic night guard£100.00£80.00£20.00
Hard acrylic night guard, from£120.00£96.00£24.00
Facial Aesthetics   
Anti-Wrinkle treatment 1 Area £90.00£90.00N/A
Anti-Wrinkle treatment 2 Areas£130.00£130.00N/A
Anti-Wrinkle treatment 3 Areas£150.00 £150.00N/A
Dermal Lip Filler 0.5ml£90.00£90.00N/A
Dermal Lip Filler 1ml 130.00 £130.00N/A
Nasolabial folds £100.00 £100.00 N/A
Marionette folds £100.00 £100.00 N/A
Vitamin B12 Injections£25.00£25.00N/A
Lumi Eyes£100.00£100.00N/A
Masseter Btx£200.00£200.00N/A
Chin Filler£90.00£90.00N/A
Jaw Line Filler 1ml£150.00£150.00N/A
Jaw Line Filer 2 ml£200.00£200.00N/A
Jaw Line Filler 3ml£250.00£250.00N/A
Cheek Filler 1ml£130.00£130.00N/A
Cheek Filler 2 ml£180.00£180.00N/A