If you are missing one or multiple teeth, this can have a significant effect on the appearance and functionality of your mouth

Typically made from metal and porcelain, dental bridges are perfect for achieving a natural looking smile that feels and functions just like the real thing.

A dental bridge is a false tooth that is used to fill the gap created by a missing tooth or teeth. Unlike dentures, dental bridges are non-removable, which saves on the hassle of having to remove and clean them.

This is a less invasive and quicker alternative to some other treatments for missing teeth, offering a natural-looking solution.

There are also different types of bridges that Goyt Valley Dental can offer you, these being:
A traditional bridge, this is a false tooth is attached to crowns on either side of the tooth gap. Usually made from fusing porcelain to metal or ceramics, this option restores strength and stability for a fully functional smile.

A cantilever bridge, this is suitable if there are only healthy teeth on one side of the gap. The bridge is anchored to the teeth on the healthy side, so it’s usually only suitable for teeth that aren’t subject to much chewing stress.

A Maryland winged bridge, this is used when the surrounding teeth show little or no damage. This option requires very minimal preparation to the adjacent teeth, Metal bands are bonded to the adjacent teeth using resin, making this bridge the perfect solution for teeth with minimal stress placed on them.

Fees for dental bridges can vary depending on the complexity of the treatment. Please contact the team to arrange an initial consultation, during which we will be happy to provide you with a treatment plan and estimate cost.


All treatments can be discussed with our Treatment Care Coordinator, and we can show you images of what the treatment will look like using out Digital Scanner. Give the Practice a call or email us, alternatively fill in the Contact us form and someone will contact you to book you in