Hygiene Appointments

Even the best electric toothbrush can’t reach every part of your mouth, and oral problems need to be detected before they require treatment.

Gum disease (gingivitis) is both common and easily treatable. However, if left, it can result in periodontitis, which involves bone loss and this can be tricky to treat. In some cases, it can lead to gum recession, wobbly teeth and even tooth loss. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the UK, so it is wise to maintain healthy gums, to prevent the onset and progression of gum disease.

Our Hygiene appointments last between 30-45 minutes depending on your individual need. During these Hygiene appointments we take an in-depth look at your gums and supporting structures. We identify any areas for remediation, or further specialist advice. Your hygienist can give your teeth and gums a professional clean and are happy to give you hygiene demonstrations, and a cleaning programme, to ensure your teeth and gums are kept as clean as possible until your next session with them.

One of our most popular treatments Provided by Our Hygiene Therapist Sally Simpson is “Guided Biofilm Therapy” (GBT),
GBT is a gentle, painless treatment protocol that removes soft, disease-causing bacteria (called biofilm) from the teeth, under gum and between teeth areas and the soft tissues of your mouth (your tongue, cheeks and gums), unsightly tartar from the tooth surfaces that act a contributing factor to gum disease unsightly extrinsic stains from your teeth caused by dietary stains and smoking. These are removed using a light, flavoured powder call “airflow”

This treatment includes an oral health assessment and oral hygiene advice

Gum disease can be very problematic as it affects the movement and appearance of your teeth. Commonly, we adopt a team-based approach to treatment, so that you benefit from three sources of advice – your hygienist, dentist and periodontal specialist.


All treatments can be discussed with our Treatment Care Coordinator, and we can show you images of what the treatment will look like using out Digital Scanner. Give the Practice a call or email us, alternatively fill in the Contact us form and someone will contact you to book you in