Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is the term dentists use to describe dental procedures that can improve the appearance (but not necessarily the health) of your teeth

Simply put, most cosmetic dental procedures are non-essential, but they can offer a wide range of benefits, including making regular cleaning easier, improving a patient’s confidence and even reducing bruxism (grinding).
Beautiful smiles
General Dentistry Versus Cosmetic Dentistry
General Dentistry, which is the term we use to collect common procedures such as cleanings, fillings, root canals, extractions and other similar procedures, are always available at Goyt Valley Dental Practice. Cosmetic procedures are added benefit procedures that offer you and your family more options for a healthier, more beautiful smile.
Improvements in Cosmetic Procedures
Across the field of dentistry, improvements have made procedures quicker, more effective and in many cases pain free. The improvements to the field, and to cosmetic procedures, mean that getting that perfect smile is pain and anxiety free.
Confidence and Your Smile
Why do people elect for dental work that isn’t necessarily going to improve their overall dental health? The answer is quality of life. A smile really is important when it comes to your work, a night out with friends and of course, that dreaded first date. Knowing you’re confident in your smile makes it easier to do so, and multiple studies have shown the scientific benefits of smiling day to day.

The fact is, it’s easier to smile when you aren’t embarrassed about crooked, stained or chipped teeth. That unsightly gap or those receding gums can be fixed in almost every case. Imagine a job interview where you can confidently smile at your prospective employer or a date where you can show your best side without worrying about how you look.

Beyond simply removing the need to hide unsightly teeth, Cosmetic Dentistry can give you something to smile about, and improve your confidence

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