Facial Aesthetics - Dermal Filler

All treatments are carried out BY A GDC REGISTERED STAFF MEMBER.

We will be providing dermal filler in the following areas:

Lip Augmentation

Commonly known as lip filler is a cosmetic procedure which gives fuller, plumper lips, we inject the dermal filler to enhance the shape, size and appearance of the lips. Lip fillers are the perfect way to add extra volume and plumpness to lips which may be lacking in shape or elasticity.
How do lip fillers work?
Lip fillers deliver almost immediate results (within 48 hours). A medically developed semi-permanent solution is injected into the lips to enhance their natural shape and plumpness. This type of filler is based on hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring sugar found in the body and has been designed to make sure that you will have a natural look whether you are laughing or smiling. We place 0.5ml, 0.8ml or 1ml


Chin and Jaw Line Filler

 A weak jawline and chin can be genetic or can be caused by weight gain or aging. Goyt Valley Dental we use the highest quality chin dermal filler to define the chin and jowl area.

Chin filler and jawline filler treatments are a quick and safe way to enhance your appearance by sculpting the lower face, to give the optimum chin shape for your face and a more defined jawline to balance your profile. You will notice an instant, remarkable difference before and after the jawline filler treatment. There is no downtime and you are immediately sociable again.

Cheek Filler

Compared to a surgical procedure, cheek filler is a low-risk and effective option to increase the volume of the area. The treatment does not cause scarring and preserves natural expressions and radiance. By enhancing the cheekbones with dermal fillers, they can be modelled perfectly to the patient’s wishes.

During this treatment, our GDC-registered Clinician injects high-quality dermal fillers from brands to create more volume in the cheeks, improving definition and resulting in a youthful, harmonious, and contoured appearance. A positive side effect is the reduction of wrinkles called nasolabial folds or smile lines, as the loose skin gets lifted.

There is no downtime and you are immediately sociable again. Cheek augmentation with hyaluronic acid fillers is complete in 15 to 30 minutes and effects can be seen up to 6 months.

Tear-Trough Filler

Eye bags (pouches of fat under the eyes) and tear troughs (dark circles/hollows under the eyes) have many potential causes including lack of sleep, weight loss, genetics and even stress. If you are tired of looking tired even when you feel great it is time to start thinking about tear trough treatment.

At Goyt Valley Dental we use a variety of leading-edge treatments and techniques, including the highest-quality dermal filler, to restore your natural appearance. A dermal filler is a soft gel-like substance that is injected under the skin to address several potential issues including tear troughs. High-quality dermal fillers are entirely safe when applied by an experienced clinician and can produce remarkable results that revitalise and rejuvenate a person’s appearance.

Tear trough filler is a safe and effective treatment that typically lasts anywhere from 9 – 12 months. Our clinician uses a 3-point microcannula technique that acts to reduce pain associated with the treatment and provide the most advanced non-surgical treatment results which allows our patients to resume their normal activities right after treatment. If you have had enough of being defined by your eye bags and tear troughs, contact Goyt Valley Dental.

Nasolabial folds 

Nasolabial folds are the indentation lines on either side of the mouth that extend from the edge of the nose to the mouth’s outer corners, we place dermal filler to reduce these deep lines. Nasolabial fold filler is a popular treatment that can dramatically improve the appearance of these lines in an instant, taking years off your appearance 

Marionette lines 

Marionette Lines are lines that originate at the corners of the mouth and can continue down to the chin and jaw line. These lines can cause the corners of the mouth to droop and make patients look sad and/or angry. With age, elastin and collagen components in the skin begin to weaken. This allows the skin to become thinner and to have more stretch resulting in lines and hollowness especially around the corners of the mouth, we place dermal fillers in these areas to reduce the deep lines.
For mild to moderate lines, dermal fillers can be used to not only eradicate these lines but also add volume to the hollowness around the mouth. In addition, direct injection into this area can reverse the droopiness seen at the corners of the mouth. Patients believe that this procedure helps make them look less grumpy and angry

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment 

Glabellar lines, Forehead, Crows feet and Bunny lines and smoker’s lines – Overtime, stress or frown lines may develop on your face because of factors such as aging, sun exposure, dehydration, smoking, gravity and poor nutrition. They are even created by your own facial expressions due to constantly contracting from laughing, smiling and frowning.

These lines are completely natural but appear differently for every person. Some may love their frown lines, while others may want to have them smoothed out or removed. This is where anti-wrinkle injections can help! 

The purpose of anti-wrinkle injections is to offer a non-surgical and minimally invasive solution to improving and maintaining the appearance of your facial skin. 

Anti-wrinkle treatment has risen dramatically in popularity and is now the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the world

Masseter BTX 

This is an injectable muscle relaxer. It uses a neurotoxin that temporarily paralyses the muscle. 

The injection is often used to make forehead wrinkles less noticeable. However, if it is used in your masseter muscles (near your cheekbones) it can also change your face shape and manage facial pain.

The masseter is one of the muscles that helps you chew. It is located on the side of your face and connects your cheekbone to your lower jawbone.

Botox in the masseter is typically used for:

  • managing teeth grinding
  • reducing jaw tension, pain, and clenching
  • relieving headaches
  • contouring a square jaw
  • creating a balanced face shape

The procedure typically lasts 15 minutes. After the treatment, you can go back to your usual activities. It does not require any recovery time.

It is worth noting that the effects of Botox are temporary. They usually last 3 to 4 months. If you would like to maintain the results, you will have to repeat the procedure.

Hyperhidrosis BTX (anti-sweating treatment)

Excessive sweating can be due to a variety of reasons and the most common reason is the genetic predisposition. Apart from those secondary causes like hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

Hyperhidrosis can be classified into two types mainly:

Primary hyperhidrosis: Most people have a genetic inclination for hyperhidrosis and include 30-50% of the affected population. In most of these patients, the cause is unknown.

Secondary hyperhidrosis: The condition may also arise due to an underlying health condition. The most common diseases causing excessive sweating include hyperthyroidism, obesity, adrenal gland disorders, and Parkinson’s disease.

Botox is used to treat Hyperhidrosis. The best treatment for secondary hyperhidrosis is to treat the underlying cause, which will normally reduce the excessive sweating, if that is not possible e.g., in Parkinson’s disease, Botox can be used to improve the excessive sweating.

If you have new hyperhidrosis, we recommend that you seek advice from GP in first instance so that causes of secondary hyperhidrosis can be ruled out.

The experienced clinician at Goyt Valley Dental treat hyperhidrosis using Botox® injections. This is a quick and straightforward method, which is highly effective and can be life changing for those who are troubled by excessive sweating.

When used to treat axilla (underarm) hyperhidrosis, Botox in the armpits is administered via a series of injections to prevent the sweat glands from excessive sweating.

The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. This is a safe, well-established procedure that has been used for many years both in the NHS and private clinics.

Goyt Valley dental use Botox to treat excessive sweating in the following areas:

  • Excessive armpit sweating

Anti-Wrinkle Consultations

From February 2023 Goyt Valley Dental Practice will be offering Anti-wrinkle Consultations with our GDC registered staff member.

Anti-Wrinkle consultations available for up to three areas


All treatments can be discussed with our Treatment Care Coordinator, and we can show you images of what the treatment will look like using out Digital Scanner. Give the Practice a call or email us, alternatively fill in the Contact us form and someone will contact you to book you in